Our specialist insolvency funding operates through a process that is straightforward and flexible, helping you to realise value.

At each stage, everything is done efficiently and quickly so that once your claim is evaluated and approved, it progresses without delay towards achieving a successful outcome.

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Cost and risk

We bear the financial cost and assume the risk, enabling you to focus entirely on the legal process.

What we can do:

  • We can take on an assignment of a cause of action, or fund the claim.
  • Consider any type of case in the UK or internationally.
  • Assume the financial risk in every case and act quickly to complete transactions.
  • Split net proceeds with the Insolvent Estate or commercial claimant company.
  • Fund ATE premiums and consider self-insuring.
  • Remove security for costs issues.
  • Indemnify the IP and the Insolvency Estate for any attendant liabilities.
  • Partner with your incumbent law firm or use our partner law firm.
  • Adopt a portfolio approach, reviewing multiple cases simultaneously.


For further information about our specialist insolvency funding service, please read our FAQs. These include:


  • How does the insolvency funding process work?
  • How long does Asertis take to give an answer on possible funding or acquisition?
  • What is the minimum and maximum claim size that Asertis will consider for insolvency matters?
  • Does Asertis offer an assignment option or funding only?
Six steps to success
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Evidence Gathering
We will ask for relevant details of the claim, including all background information and documentary evidence

2 /

We will conduct a detailed review of the case, its merits and likelihood of success. We will also consider whether it fits our investment criteria and undertake a net asset evaluation

3 /

Subject to approval, we will make a written offer of acquisition or funding and create an Asset Sale Agreement or a Funding Agreement

4 /

The agreed initial payment will be made once the Agreement is executed

5 /

Legal Process
The defendant will be notified that we have purchased the claim, either by us or by you so that the legal process can commence or continue

6 /

If the claim is successful, the agreed share of recoveries will be split between us in the agreed portions.

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If you have an insolvency case you would like to discuss, please get in touch with us.