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Asertis funding enables organisations to pursue legal actions to the fullest extent – giving claimants access to justice while Asertis takes on the risk.

Asertis provides law firms and large corporate organisations with significant funding to support litigation and arbitration. We fund claims for breach of contract, professional negligence, breach of directors’ duties and all forms of business-to-business dispute across multiple jurisdictions – but primarily in England.

For law firms, our funding enables lawyers to provide the highest standard of representation for corporate clients in high-value arbitration and litigation actions.

For corporate organisations, our support removes the risk and cost of legal action. It enables firms to access the best legal representation and pursue claims they might not otherwise be able to take forward.

We assess each case on its merits and have full discretion over which cases we fund. Our funding decisions are based on an assessment of the legal, ethical and economic merits of each claim.

Key Terms

  • We provide funding to the end of trial and beyond.
  • We pay for legal fees and disbursements, including After The Event (ATE) insurance premiums.
  • We price based on a multiple of funds deployed, and/or other appropriate pricing mechanism including e.g. interest rates.



  • We fund claims across numerous jurisdictions, including:
    • England and Wales
    • Offshore jurisdictions such as the British Overseas Territories (e.g., Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands), and Crown Dependencies (e.g., Jersey and Guernsey)
    • Other common law jurisdictions
    • Select EU Member States
  • Minimum investment size for Asertis is £500,000
  • Minimum claim value: 10x investment value: £5m


  • We invest in claims being arbitrated under the auspices of recognised institutions, including but not limited to:
    • ICC
    • LCIA
    • SIAC
    • HKIAC
    • SCC
    • DIS
  • Minimum investment size for Asertis is £500,000
  • Minimum claim value: 10x investment value: £5m


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