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Asertis funds law firms to pursue group actions on behalf of consumers – holding corporations to account for wrongs perpetrated against individuals.

When dishonest or negligent corporate actions impact large groups of consumers, the legal action required to pursue those claims and achieve satisfactory redress can be extremely costly.  That’s where Asertis steps in. We fund large-scale legal actions that the consumers affected would not have the means to bring individually.

Our funding enables specialist collective redress law firms to pursue wrongdoers effectively through the legal system. We fund all stages of group actions, including book-build and other disbursements. Once we provide funding, we maintain regular communications to monitor progress and check that law firms and claimant committees fulfil their obligations.

Asertis has funded major collective redress cases in recent years, including group actions relating to product liability, financial services, competition/anti-trust and others.

Key Terms

  • We fund either group actions (under a group litigation order or equivalent) or multiple individual actions.
  • We are happy to work in conjunction with a conditional fee agreement, damages-based agreement or other legally recognised method of fee sharing.
  • We ensure that claimants receive the lion’s share of their award or settlement.
  • We provide a fully de-risked package for lawyers and claimants.


  • Consumer actions in the UK or other European or common law jurisdictions where there is a quantum of tens of millions.
  • Minimum investment size for Asertis: £1m.


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