Our Services

Our Principles

Asertis operates ethically, honestly and professionally, applying financial rigour and scrupulous standards to help clients pursue justice.

As a company, we build long-term relationships with our law firm clients. We prefer lasting associations with trusted organisations over one-off, opportunistic transactions. We build close relationships by communicating honestly and clearly.

We want everyone to profit from our work, including our investors, clients, claimants and our own business. We never want to make money out of a claim that the underlying claimant does not profit from.

We operate to the highest professional standards by employing high-calibre individuals with partner or director-level experience in law firms and investment management companies. We deploy financial rigour and risk discipline to guide our decision-making. Our on-balance-sheet funding model gives us the freedom to bring any investment proposal to our committee, to be assessed on its merits.

We expect our people to think and act like owners – and we firmly believe in meritocracy. We support the best idea in the room, whether it comes from the CEO or the intern. We are uncompromising in our ethics – and will reject claims that may be legally and economically sound but do not meet our ethical standards.

We are scrupulous about implementing the highest standards of internal governance and control – we run the business as if it were a FTSE 100 listed company.