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Find out more about Asertis, our processes and how we deliver our funding services for commercial litigation, arbitration and insolvency disputes.

General FAQs

Asertis is a leading litigation funder in the UK. Our legal and investment management specialists understand complex commercial and insolvency disputes, including those with a multi-jurisdictional dimension. In addressing the varied challenges of funding legal action, we provide bespoke financial solutions tailored to the needs of each client, mitigating financial risk and maximising the potential for successful outcomes.

Asertis provides the funding required to pursue legal claims. We do this either by financing claims as a third-party funder, or by purchasing claims outright in certain contexts. Asertis also provides enforcement funding for judgments that have already been made.

Yes. Asertis has committed funding of hundreds of millions of pounds across a number of commercial disputes, insolvency claims and acquisitions since its inception of 2020.

Commercial dispute FAQs

Our committee makes investment decisions on a case-by-case basis. Our general process can be found here.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most agile and responsive litigation funders. If all relevant information is provided to us on day one, we can provide funding for commercial disputes within three weeks.

We will generally consider investments requiring above £500,000 in funding. If your dispute requires less than this, please do get in touch to discuss whether we may be able to help. We have no upper limit on our funding for commercial disputes.

No, we do not have mandatory information requests. We would like to receive the following documents to properly review a commercial dispute: budget information; counsel’s opinion; relevant substantive correspondence between the parties and/or their law firms; any pleadings or procedurally relevant documents; any expert reports (even if in draft form); any contemporaneous evidence including witness statements and documentary evidence; and any further documents that may be directly relevant to your claim, e.g. documents in support of applications.

We require After The Event (ATE) insurance to be taken out for each commercial dispute where there is an adverse cost risk. In certain circumstances, Asertis may provide an indemnity to the claimant in response of adverse costs.

We will generally consider all claims that might have a financial or other asset-based outcome. All claims are considered against our ethical, legal and economic criteria.

Insolvency FAQs

Our committee makes investment decisions on a case-by-case basis. Our general process can be found here.

Asertis can provide an answer in as little as 24 hours.

We are flexible in our approach to insolvency dispute financing. We are happy to offer either assignment purchases or funding, subject to the nature of the claim.

We prefer claims with a value of more than £250,000. No claim is too big, and our fund enables us to purchase multi-million-pound cases.

We prefer to fund claims with a value of more than £4m and with a minimum cost investment of £500,000. No claim is too big, and our funding capability enables us to fund multi-million-pound cases.

We are happy to work with incumbent law firms if they wish to be retained. In cases where there is no incumbent law firm, we can appoint one of our partner firms to pursue claims. We are always interested in meeting new law firms.

No, it is not essential, although it is expected where a case is complex or high risk. If there is currently no counsel’s opinion, then we are happy to consider obtaining counsel’s opinion at our own cost, which we may share with the insolvency estate.

Asertis will take direction and/or consult throughout the life of the case. We will provide transparency, if required, by providing regular progress updates.

Opportunities do arise for us to refer forensic accountancy and other professional work and we always look to work with trusted business partners.

We do not have a fixed formula for sharing realisations. We take each individual claim on its merits and reach agreements with insolvency practitioners on a case-by-case basis. We always aim to achieve the best possible solution for the estate.

We do not have a mandatory information request to review a claim. We are happy with a succinct email summary together with documentary evidence and, if available, a letter of claim and/or pleadings, counsel’s advice, plus budget information.

Yes. Asertis has committed millions of pounds to many insolvency funding and acquisition matters since it was founded in 2020.